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Politics Religion



Politics and Religion. Since the dawn of civilization, how many millions of innocent people have died in the name of Politics and Religion? The Pagan Romans fed Christians to the lions, then when they turned Christian, did the same thing to Pagans. In the Bible, the Tribes of Israel blazed a path of destruction through the Middle East, crushing all that stood in their way. During the Crusades, the Christian Soldiers did much the same thing trying to recapture Jerusalem from the "Heathen" Muslims. The Muslims, when not fighting each other, take turns attacking Jews and Christians. The Christians burned Witches alive. In Ireland, the Catholics and Protestants kill each other over who is better at worshiping the same God. All done in the name of a Religion.

In the past 2000 years, how many wars and mass extermination of human lives, have been carried out by "Civilized" governments? Just in the past 100 years? World wars 1 and 2. Korea. Vietnam. How many times have governments turned against their own people? Millions under Stalin. Millions under Hitler. Millions in China. Cambodia. Uganda. The list goes on and on. And most people think Politics isn't important.

Nothing can heat up a conversation faster than a conflict over Politics or Religion. People will violently defend their positions on either. Yet, how many have ever really thought about why they believe what the do? Take yourself, for example. Why do you attend the church that you attend? Chances are, the church you attend is the same faith you were raised in by your parents, the one they chose for you. Same thing with politics. What political party do you belong to? More than likely, the same one as your parents. This is because through your childhood, you were exposed to their beliefs, and just accepted them as your own. Do you still let your parents run your life and make your choices for you?

Most people don't really give it much thought, they just continue with the Political and Religious traditions they were raised with. Questioning their belief in either can provoke an angry and defensive response. They will defend their politics with religious fervor, not understanding how politics affects their lives, but instead putting almost religious faith in not questioning our government when it says it is doing the "Right Thing".

Have you ever really thought about what you believe in, and your place in the world? Here in the United States, we tend to think of things from a "Christian" perspective. We are a nation of but 280 Million people. There are over a billion people in China. India just passed a billion last year. There are precious few Christians in either country. Our place in the world is secured by our ability to be creative, and exploit our technology to it's maximum. In terms of population, in the global perspective, we are somewhat insignificant.

Why do you believe what you believe? Have you ever questioned your beliefs? If you are a Christian, have you ever actually read the Bible? I mean, as an adult, read the book from cover to cover? Not in small sections with a "Bible Study" group, but on your own just sat down and read the book? If you have, I applaud you! If you haven't, why not? What are you basing your faith on if you haven't even read the Holy Scripture of that faith? You are praying to and worshipping a God and set of religious dogma that you actually know nothing about. Nothing other than what the priests told you.

Have you ever explored other religions to see if they might appeal to you? Jews, Christians and Muslims all pray to the same God, the God who spoke to Abraham. If it's that God you love and worship, what makes you choose the method of worship? Is Christianity somehow better than the other two? Have you looked at religions other than the "Big 3"?

It's the same thing with politics. How many of you defend your political party without even knowing what that party really supports, or the real consequences of how your party's elected officials actions affect your, and everyone else's, lives? Be you democrat or republican, do you truly understand what your parties are doing to the average person in this country?

I hope what you find on the following pages will open your mind to new ideas about politics and religion. What you find will either make you question your beliefs, or just piss you off. Either way, it will make you think about what you really believe in, and why.

Go to it.