There are no victims, only volunteers. You volunteer by looking uncertain and afraid. You volunteer by being unprepared to confront the hazards of life.

I am totally opposed to gun control. I believe any law abiding citizen has the right to carry a concealed firearm to protect themselves, and their family from violent criminal attack.

It sickens me to see the way the media has attempted to portray legal gun owners in the past few years. I am a gun owner, and I know quite a few other people who own guns. We are all responsible, hard working family people. By necessity, we are some of THE most law abiding people in Massachusetts. You see, to own a gun in this state, you cannot have a criminal record. Legal gun owners are THE MOST law abiding residents of Massachusetts.

So, why are people always trying to pass laws that would further restrict the rights of the most law abiding people in the state? Well, now we are back to the Morality Nazis again. There are some people who just don't like guns, and would never own one or have one in their house. Because THEY feel this way, they think that every one else should feel the same way too. Because THEY don't want a gun in THEIR house, they don't think anyone should have a gun in their own house. That's why they are always trying to pass some new gun control law.

Here in the United States we have a reactionary police force. That is, a crime is committed, and it is the victim's job to survive long enough to get to a phone and call 911. Did you know that you can't sue the police for NOT preventing a crime? If you have a restraining order against someone, and that person breaks into your house and kills you, your family cannot sue the police for not stopping the crime. It has been upheld in courts across the county time and time again. The police are not responsible for your safety.

If the police are not responsible for your safety, who is? You are! It is your job to defend yourself and your family. How seriously do you take that responsibility? For the average person, the most effective means of self defense is a handgun. Handguns are easily carried, and with a little practice, can be used effectively by anyone, regardless of age or size.

The government can't have it both ways. They can't put the burden of responsibility for your safety on you, and then take away the most effective means you have of defending yourself. Gun control is wrong.

Why do politicians vote for gun control laws? They know that criminals are NOT affected by gun control. Criminals don't buy their guns legally. They don't bother to get a permit to carry their gun. They don't follow the rules concerning the use of deadly force. Only law abiding people bother to follow the rules. So why do politicians pretend that these laws are going to "Stop violent crimes"? They do it because it makes them look they are doing something about crime. It makes it seem as though they are really concerned about the safety of their constituents. They do it because a lot of people are so ill informed of the truth, they think it is the right thing to do.

But you! You have access to the Internet. You can find out the truth without ever leaving your house. Search for articles on Gun Control, check out crime statistics, research it yourself. You will reach the same conclusion that I did, Gun Control is worse than useless, It's wrong.

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