I began costume making and leather working a few years ago as a hobby. It has since become my way of expressing myself artisically. Each costume I make is a unique, hand made work of art. I can work with you to design and create the costume of your dreams. I can work from a drawing, a photo, or just an idea. The only limitation is your imagination.

Each costume is custom fit to you, and you alone. I construct the basic pattern on the person who will be wearing the piece. I have developed a technique of integrating a padded push-up bra into the top of a lady's costume, for a fit and effect seldom seen in leather. I sew by by hand, allowing me to shape the leather in ways not possible by machine sewing. A DreamLeathers costume will fit you, and make you feel, like nothing you have ever worn. Hand sewing also allows me to use a heavy waxed poly thread, that will never break or rot.